Successful Appeal for £25,000 to help buy 'Hope' panel by Vasari


Successful Appeal for £25,000 to help buy 'Hope' panel by Vasari

The purchase of the final panel 'Hope' of Giorgio Vasari’s ceiling painted in 1541-2 for the Ca’ Corner Spinelli has now been completed and will return to Venice to be  reassembled with the rest of the ceiling in the Accademia Galleries.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this Appeal.

The Vasari ceiling describes the Triumph of the Virtues in compartmental panels and represents a significant moment when Mannerism’s influence reached in Venice. This last panel shows the figure of Hope with Noah, who exemplifies the Virtue, waiting for the dove who brings back an olive branch from dry land after 40 days of floods.

Venice in Peril Fund has matched the figure raised by you with £25,000 from its reserves to make a total of £50,000.

Vasari described how he constructed the ceiling in his Ricordanze. It was later dismantled and single panels were acquired by collectors. Now, this panel has come up for sale at Christie’s London and an appeal for £400,000 has been launched in Venice with the Italian Ministry of Culture making the major contribution and James Ivory is fronting an appeal for Venetian Heritage in Italy.

Art historians have spent years tracking down the missing pieces and all but one small corner panel has now been found. The central panel showing ‘Charity’ is on permanent loan to the Accademia from the Brera in Milan.
‘Patience’ and ‘Justice’ and two corner panels with putti were acquired by the Accademia in 1987 and a further putto panel was spotted by Luisa Vertova and acquired in 2002. Another section which may have been an integral
part of the ‘Hope’ panel and depicts its opposite ‘Despair’, exemplified by the Suicide of Judas is in the Casa Vasari in Arezzo. Negotiations to arrange its loan to the Accademia are taking place.

In 2013 Venice in Peril Fund along with other of the Venice committees and donors contributed to the purchase of the panel showing the figure of Faith. If the appeal is successful the Accademia will be able to achieve its long held ambition to reassemble this wonderful and important Venetian ceiling – devised and painted by a Tuscan artist.

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