"Venice in Peril church starred in classic horror movie"

In the famous 1973 movie "Don't Look Now", in which a grieving Donald Sutherland gets his throat cut in Venice by a scurrying, dwarfish figure in a red raincoat, San Nicolo dei Mendicoli, then under restoration financed by Venice in Peril plays a key role.....

Online review of "Don't Look Now" by Anthony Cowin.

"This misdirection is like a novice tourist guide taking us through the wrong parts of town and covering their tracks by telling us we're really on a mystery tour. Nowhere is how it seems in this sound maze of reverberating passageways and lapping canals. The symbolism of red that indicates danger for instance is dotted through the film as a warning, but it also acts as an almost invisible symbol of fate being written. Most of the writing instruments, John's pencil that pokes from his pocket and the waiter¹s pen at the restaurant are red. Even the signs around the city from the optician's shop whose oversized glasses follow the couple as the dance with danger, to the sign outside the church that reads, 'Venice In Peril' are also in a striking red. The clever use of a muted palette makes the appearance more vivid, like a burning sunset across a snow covered English hillside."

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