Gondoliers sign major record deal & support Venice in Peril


Gondoliers sign major record deal & support Venice in Peril

Last week, three gondoliers left Venice for the first time to sign a record deal with Universal Music UK, the world's leading record company.  Now known simply as 'The Gondoliers', Luca Foffano, Michele Bozzato and Michael Malvich signed the record contract on the edge of the River Thames. Dressed in their iconic gondolier outfits, the singers celebrated the occasion by serenading passers-by from onboard a Thames water taxi.

As well as taking their singing outside Venice and beyond, The Gondoliers are also calling upon the world to help save their city.  Decca will be making a donation to Venice in Peril on behalf of The Gondoliers, and the money will be used to continue the charity's research into the long-term sustainability of Venice.

Mark Wilkinson, Managing Director of Decca Records Group, said, "The smooth, rich, romantic sound of The Gondoliers will set hearts racing - whilst at the same time drawing attention to the serious issues facing one of the world's most beautiful cities."

The Gondoliers' album will be released on 21st March on Decca

For more information, and to pre-order the album, please visit:

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