Helping to Save Venice


Helping to Save Venice

Press Release 20/10/2010

The British continue their love affair with Venice.  15 brave runners have spent the last months training to run the Venice Marathon and who are all doing so to raise money for Venice in Peril.  For the first time the route will bring the runners through Piazza San Marco in celebration of the 25th anniversary.  The final 14 bridges over which the marathon participants cross makes this one the most spectacular, let alone taxing, races in the world.

The team includes City financiers, a young opera singer, the style commentator Stephen Bayley, a director of a West End art gallery - a glamorous gallery.    All have committed to raise in excess of £1000 for Venice in Peril and many have raised considerably more.  The runner who raises the most will win a 5** trip to Venice staying in the luxurious Gritti Palace Hotel, generously donated by Kirker Holidays and Starwood Hotels.  

The Venice in Peril Team and their guests will celebrate at a reception, generously hosted by Starwood Hotels, at the Gritti Palace on Sunday evening where the prosecco will be provided by Bisol.

The Venice in Peril Fund is committed to ensuring the sustainability of Venice, acting as a lobby and working to find answers to some of the critical ecological, demographic and socio-economic issues that the city is facing.  Our resources go into the vital, ongoing work to preserve this magical but environmentally fragile city.

For further information please contact:

Nicky Baly

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