A Sinking Feeling


A Sinking Feeling

“For centuries, the city of Venice has lived in harmony with the waters that surround it. Indeed, the Venice Lagoon is symbolically and symbiotically interconnected with Venetian culture and history. However, as Jane da Mosto, Science Director at The Venice in Peril Fund has discovered, the impacts of climate change and sea-level rise are now threatening the harmony of that relationship. With the threat of rising waters and flooding now facing many of the world’s major cities, what lessons can we learn from Venice?”

Read more of the Interview with Venice in Peril Fund Science Director, Jane da Mosto, in the March/April edition of Sustain Magazine.

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Tim Parchikov. Venice 2009. From the series: Venice, 2005-2011.                Philip-Lorca di Corcia. Luci. From the series: Venice, 2011.              

Tiina Itkonen. Ca’Sagredo. From the series: At the time of the Bora Wind, Venice, 2011.

Picture above: 
Mimmo Jodice. Rialto. From the series: Venice 2010.


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