Istituto Veneto awards 2013 Journalism prize to Anna Somers Cocks
Former Chairman of Venice in Peril Fund has been awarded the Premio Giornalistico Istituto Veneto per Venezia 2013 by the prestigious Istituto Veneto per le Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. More >


Book review: The Politics of Washing
Jonathan Keates- The Times Literary Supplement More >


An account of the recent Acqua Alta
On Sunday 11th November, an acqua alta reached 149cm, the 5th highest in the last 150 years. More >


Why Venice is not sinking more quickly
Venice is sinking: we all know that. But why hasn't it sunk further, or faster? More >


Venice divided over plans for futuristic tower
Venice is sharply divided over plans by Pierre Cardin, the fashion magnate, to build a futuristic, Dubai-style skyscraper More >


Queen's Diamond Jubilee: first glimpse of 22 carat gold prow of Royal barge
The vessel is currently being gilded with 22 carat gold leaf at City and Guilds Arts School More >


10 most precious places on Earth
10 most precious places on Earth More >


Cities Underwater: Venice and New Orleans Seek Solutions
We've all seen how high water devastated New Orleans. But another historic city, Venice, Italy is struggling to plan for sea level rise. More >


A Sinking Feeling
Venice is at a critical point between its history and future. More >


A century late, Venice finally gets a space for modern glass
Venetian glass is almost as famous as Venice itself, but, strangely, there is no museum in Venice or on Murano More >


Italy's cuts may threaten Venice
In this time of austerity, the government has just released another 600m euros ($789m; £500m) for the flood barriers. It is part of a multi-billion-euro investment in national strategic infrastructure More >


The great billboard scam
Restorers in Naples sold ads worth 3m Euros, but failed to carry out work on the buildings More >


Venice plan would reroute cruise ships away from city center
Such a move would mean that cruise passengers no longer would sail into or out of the San Marco Basin and the scenic Giudecca Canal More >


Rebels Against Cruise Ship Intrusions
The fatal grounding of the Costa Concordia off the Tuscan coast has sharpened the focus on the largely unchecked boom of these ever-larger luxury liners More >


UNESCO Warns that Wayward Italian Cruise Ships and Ugly Skyscrapers Threaten Culture
The chief danger facing the sites on the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s World Heritage List isn't the ravages of time or unstable infrastructure More >


UNESCO asks Italy to limit access of cruise ships to Venice after Costa Concordia disaster
Experts already fear that the wash from the giant ships as they pass the edge of the Grand Canal is eroding the fragile canal banks More >


Italy's Cruise Ship Disaster Has Highlighted the Threat the Ships Pose to Venice
The intrusion of these floating Las Vegases in the heart of our city exacerbates More >


Venice's Bridge of Sighs unveiled following controversial restoration project
Venice's Bridge of Sighs has been been unveiled after a three-year, 2.8 million euro (£2.4 million) restoration project which had seen it controversially covered with advertising hoardings while the w More >


Cruise ships could be shut out of Venice over erosion fears
There has been a huge increase in the number of cruise ships visiting 'La Serenissima', as Venice is known, from 200 in 2000 to 510 in 2007 More >


Fallen leader leaves Italy's heritage in ruins
Fallen leader leaves Italy's heritage in ruins More >


Death of Venice: 'Visitors are killing our city'
Resident population now a third of what it was in 1945, and locals are finding life impossible in a 'theme park' More >


Grand illusion
What will save Venice from the perils of decay, flooding - and tourism More >


Venice plans new tourist tax on hotel stay to raise £20m for restoration fund
British holidaymakers traveling to Venice face a controversial tourist tax More >


That sinking feeling
Venice in Peril, a charity founded to save the city's monuments, has mounted an exhibition entitled Real Venice, exquisitely curated by Elena Foster More >


What the critics say about "Real Venice"
Comments from Hans Ulrich Obrist and Richard Dorment More >


Review of Gianluca Bisol's fabulous restaurant, Venissa, on L'isola di Mazzorbo
Half the delight of eating at Gianluca Bisol's new restaurant, Venissa, is the journey there More >


Italy heritage group appeals to U.N. over Venice
Italy's leading heritage group on Monday urged the United Nations to put Venice on its endangered list, saying mass tourism, environmental neglect and rampant construction were sounding the death knel More >


Venice in Peril Chairman wins new heritage award
The International Institute for Conservation (IIC) has named Anna Somers Cocks, chairman of Venice in Peril and the editorial director of The Art Newspaper, as the first recipient of its Advocate Awar More >


Venice Sinks Amid Monster Cruise Ships, Kitchen Ads: Manuela Hoelterhoff
So big are these ships, they could serve Moby Dick for lunch More >


Battling to keep the 'real' Venice afloat
Venice faces ongoing problems that threaten its ability to stay above water. More >


Venice gets real
An exhibition to help save the sinking city draws art world luminaries More >


Venezia salva Venezia, mostrandosi
Quattordici artisti e la 'città reale' in fotografia More >


Venice split over cruise giants 'wrecking' its heart
Convinced that cruise ships threaten their fragile city, campaigners are asking for them to be banned from passing so close to the city More >


Giudecca & San Giorgio
The Art Newspaper Venice Guide 2011 More >


A portrait of Venice
International artists take La Serenissima's picture to save her from drowning More >


English Writers' Diary - a monthly reflection on life in Italy
How much, how big and for how long? More >


Mega-ads in Venice must go, says new Minister of Culture
The money to pay for restoration work will have to be raised in other ways More >


«Basta maxi affissioni a Venezia»
Galan: metodi alternativi per trovare i fondi necessari alla cultura More >


Galan: «Stop alle maxiaffissioni pubblicitarie a Venezia»
«I turisti non meritano questo spettacolo. Sgarbi? Aspettiamo il nuovo bando. La Fenice? Sì ai fondi ma certi privilegi vanno eliminati. Roma? Non aboliremo il Festival ma il ministero sosterrà il Lid More >


A Page in the Life: John Julius Norwich
Christopher Howse discusses the papacy with John Julius Norwich. More >


Venice residents claim victory in battle to preserve the city's heritage
Activists defeat development that would have shut Rialto bridge fish market - and pledge to reverse decline of city in thrall to tourism More >


The Secret History of Art, Noah Charney on Art Crimes and Art Historical Mysteries
Art Crime Talks in London, April 2 and 5 2011 More >


Death in Venice
An Italian Idyll Fights for Its Very Survival More >


Magician of the North by Henrietta Heald
Biography of William Armstrong More >


Trio from Venice swap gondolas for Decca record deal
Luca Foffano, Michele Bozzato and Michael Malvich were selected to form the group when music executives set out to find the finest singers in the Italian city. More >


Music bosses in punt on Gondoliers
A group of gondoliers could be making a splash in the charts after music bosses took a punt by signing them to a major deal. More >


No Venice-style mega-ads on the Colosseum during its sponsored conservation
A campaign against similar ads in Venice led Italian culture minister Sandro Bondi to concede to limit such commercial billboards on historic buildings More >


'This Space for Rent': In Europe, Arts Now Must Woo Commerce
European Art Institutions learn to raise money More >


Italian minister of culture promises to tighten up on mega-ads
Mayor of Venice rejects criticism, pleads poverty and says Milan and Florence are worse More >


Camilla pounds the streets for Venice
Running and raising money for the Venice in Peril Fund More >


Tourists to contribute to cost of Venice
A new draft law would impose a charge on the 17.5m visitors a year More >


Venise envahie par les publicités géantes
L'affaire fait grand scandale en Italie et une pétition internationale a été lancée par le Comité Britannique pour la Préservation de Venise More >


Canaletto's Venice is dead and a deal with the billboard devil may be the only way forward...
An almighty row has erupted in one of the world's most famous cities More >


Venice's mayor hits back at 'stupidity' of billboard critics
The mayor of Venice yesterday condemned the "stupidity and incompetence" of prominent international critics More >


«Un penny per Venezia»
Anne Cocks: fondo mondiale per salvare Venezia. La donna che ha raccolto la protesta anti pubblicità: «Serve un fondo internazionale» Anne Somers Cocks: «Svendere facciate esclude donazioni più rispet More >


Venice mayor mocks billboard critics
Venice's mayor on Monday mocked critics of giant billboards that cover many of the city's historic monuments undergoing repair, following an appeal by leading international museum directors and archit More >


Venice mayor hits back at critics who brand advertising on city's sites as 'grotesque'
The mayor of Venice has spoken out against critics More >


Signs and sighs: the changing face of Venice
The world's leading cultural figures are affronted by the presence of advertising billboards on Venetian monuments, reported British newspapers last weekend. More >


Centri storici soffocati dal cattivo gusto L'archistar Foster: "Italia, cambia la legge"
I direttori dei musei internazionali lanciano l'appello al ministro Bondi: salvate Venezia deturpata. Sotto tiro i cartelloni pubblicitari che "impacchettano" i monumenti. La Soprintendenza della citt More >


Pubblicità sui monumenti. Bondi: nuovi criteri più adeguati
Il ministro vuole norme che limitino l'esposizione nel tempo. Il sindaco di venezia Orsoni: trovi però altre forme di finanziamento. La sovrintendente: da noi norme più restrittive di Roma e Firenze More >


Venice's historic buildings 'violated' by billboards, say cultural experts
Leading architects and museums slam Italian government for allowing advertisements to cover world-famous palazzi More >


Ads of Sighs
The huge ads proliferating in Venice, now also lit up by night, are not bringing in huge money and stretch the application of the law to the point of illegality More >


Il mondo dell'arte scrive a Bondi "Liberi Venezia dalla pubblicità"
La petizione firmata anche dal direttore del British Museum e da quello del Moma di New York More >


Venetian gondoliers told to change their tune
Venice's gondoliers have been criticized for serenading tourists with "culturally deficient" songs that have no relation to the lagoon city. More >


Running out of time: the Venice Marathon looms
An extract from Stephen Bayley's diary More >


Venice's fragile lagoon
British Pavilion at the 2010 Architecture Biennale stars the lagoon and its problems as studied by Jane da Mosto and Tom Spencer in a Venice in Peril project. More >


Alla Biennale una barena in Vasca
Il padiglione inglese ricorda Ruskin: <> More >


Stop alle maxi-pubblicità a Venezia, appello a Bondi da tutto il mondo
E' firmato dai direttori dei maggiori musei internazionali l'appello al ministro della cultura Sandro Bondi contro gli enormi cartelloni pubblicitari che coprono le facciate degli edifici in restauro. More >


Behind Venice's Ads, the Restoration of Its Heritage
Billboards went up this summer in the historic and touristic heart of Venice, angering many Venetians. The structures the advertisements are on are also the beneficiaries of the signs' revenue. More >


Venice Architecture Biennale 2010
From shimmering water sprays to a walk in the clouds, this year's biennale is a delight, thanks to the inspired curatorship of Kazuyo Sejima More >


Welcome to Muf world, a dreamy wonderland where everything is more than it seems More >


The house that Muf built
Villa Frankenstein: Britain's contribution to this year's Venice Architecture Biennale More >


Singer gearing up for marathon challenge
Laura Wright is swapping the recording studio for the running track as she prepares for the challenge of a lifetime. More >


Billboard featuring naked Julianne Moore 'inappropriate' for Venice
A giant billboard showing Julianne Moore, the American actress, naked posing with a Bulgari handbag and a pair of lion cubs has been ruled "inappropriate" by the guardians of decorum in Venice. More >


Burning Bridges in Venice
Coca-Cola's advertisements, like the one at the Bridge of Sighs have brightened Venice but also stirred controversy. More >


Venice sells off its heritage to plug cash black hole
by Nick Squires, Rome correspondent, The Telegraph More >


Charity Aims to Preserve Lord Armstrong Hydraulic Crane
Tony Henderson , The Journal More >


Hydraulic pioneer close to death in Venice
Will North, Cranes Today: The Independent Magazine of the Crane Industry More >


Venetian visitors to Swing Bridge
Materials Handling World Magazine More >


Little Renato's big ideas to save dying Venice
John Follain in Venice, The Times More >


Renato Brunetta: On a mission to save La Serenissima
Peter Popham, The Independent

They call him the "mini-minister", and if one of his attractions for the modestly scaled Berlusconi is that the Italian Prime Minister has a good 10 or 11 i More >


Invisible City
Charlotte Parker, The Yale Globalist More >


'Smart Salad Dressing' Could Save Venice
Stephen Adams, The Telegraph More >


Venice Faces an Olympic Challenge To Keep Afloat
Paul Betts, Financial Times More >


A High Watermark of Tourist Culture
Peter Popham, The Independent More >


Throwing new light on Ruskin's Stones of Venice
Robert Hewison's new book, Ruskin on Venice, tells the story behind his writings. More >


Titian: The Last Days by Mark Hudson
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. More >


Venice Port Authority defends dredging
Maritime Journal More >


Mock funeral for Venice's 'death'
BBC online

Venetians have been taking part in a mock funeral procession to highlight the city's dwindling population.
Organisers of Saturday's event say the populatio More >


2020 Olympics: Venice in bid to rival Rome
Antonino John Scoppettuolo, The Roman Forum More >


Feather Report: Birdwatching in Venice
Derwent May, The Times

Wonderful yellow-legged gulls lead you into this sublime city on their wooden posts like a grand heraldic reception. More >


Venice 'Ruined by Vulgar Ads'
John Follain in Rome, The Times

The mayor of Venice has been accused of selling out the city by allowing "vulgar" advertisements to be plastered over many of its famous buildings. More >


Venice: majesty and melancholy
David Willey, BBC correspondent.

David Willey, the veteran BBC correspondent, who has Venetian roots, reflects on the past glories and uncertain future of Queen of The Adriatic. More >


City of Light, Water and Beauty
by Bruce Anderson, the Wall Street Journal More >


Our National Love Affair with Venice
Peter Popham, writing for The Independent, celebrates the seductive city. More >


Venice in Peril fears port expansion will sink city
by Ed Harris, The Evening Standard

Italian authorities plan to expand Venice's port into a busy shipping hub, further endangering the fragile lagoon and contributing to the sinking of th More >


New Shipping Terminal 'Endangers Lagoon'
By Foreign Staff, The Daily Telegraph More >


Vanishing Venice
Cathy Newman, National Geographic More >


Port Expansion Planned for Venice
New Civil Engineer More >


Venice Gets its First Woman Gondolier
Nick Squires in Rome, The Telegraph More >


City known for its water turns to tap to cut trash
By Elizabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times More >


Venice is experiencing a new economic crisis
By Roderick Conway Morris, Spectator More >


Old Masters at War
By Theodore K Rabb, The  Times Literary Supplement More >


Venice given advice on making most of the city - from Middlesborough
Nick Squires in Venice, The Telegraph More >


Venice to convert algae into fuel
Nick Pisa in Rome, The Daily Telegraph More >


Who now can stop the slow death of Venice?
Tom Kington, The Observer

The population of Venice peaked at 164,000, but there has been a mass exodus from the world's most beautiful city. Jobs have disappeared to the mainland and tou More >


Anger at Coca-Cola deal to place vending machines in Venice
Philip Willan, The Telegraph

Coca-Cola will be allowed to place vending machines in some of Venice's most historic areas in a £1.8 million deal which has provoked anger among locals. More >


Venice flood fails to damp down fight over sea walls
John Hooper in Rome, The Guardian More >


Venice 'under water' after worst floods for 20 years
Nick Squires, The Daily Telegraph More >


Obituary: Michael Mallett, Trustee of Venice in Peril
Stella Fletcher, The Guardian More >


How the barbarians drove Romans to build Venice
Richard Owen, The Times More >


'Welcome to Venice, the theme park'
John Kay, The Times More >


How Moses is getting ready to part the waters
Richard Owen, The Times More >


Fascination and Peril
Rachel Spence, Financial Times More >


Obituary: The Lady Thorneycroft
The Telegraph More >


Not fading, but drowning
Damian Barr, Country Life More >


Not waving but drowning?
Burlington Magazine

Over the years numerous articles in this Magazine have referred to the past destruction or alteration of the buildings of Venice and the disappearance or dispersal of More >


That sinking feeling
Nigel Praities, The Guardian More >


The Magic Kingdom could save Venice
John Kay, The Financial Times More >


Venice: a city beyond price
John Berendt, The Times More >


Should Disney run Venice and Pompeii?
Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent More >


Should Venice be saved?
Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times More >


If you love Venice, let her die
Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times More >


'Send for Disney' to save Venice
Robin McKie, The Observer More >


Sink City
Mike Bruce, Melbourne Herald and Sun More >


Period homes for everyone!
Libby Purves, The Times More >


The Science of Saving Venice
Anna Somer Cocks, ICON: World Monuments Fund Quarterly Magazine More >


The Moses Gates
Michele Jamiolkowski, ICON: World Monuments Fund Quarterly Magazine More >


Keeping Venice Above Water
Expresso Magazine More >


Can Venice be saved from drowning?
Anna Somers Cocks, The Independent More >
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