Istituto Veneto awards 2013 Journalism prize to Anna Somers Cocks
Former Chairman of Venice in Peril Fund has been awarded the Premio Giornalistico Istituto Veneto per Venezia 2013 by the prestigious Istituto Veneto per le Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. More >


Book review: The Politics of Washing
Jonathan Keates- The Times Literary Supplement More >


Venice divided over plans for futuristic tower
Venice is sharply divided over plans by Pierre Cardin, the fashion magnate, to build a futuristic, Dubai-style skyscraper More >


UNESCO Warns that Wayward Italian Cruise Ships and Ugly Skyscrapers Threaten Culture
The chief danger facing the sites on the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s World Heritage List isn't the ravages of time or unstable infrastructure More >


UNESCO asks Italy to limit access of cruise ships to Venice after Costa Concordia disaster
Experts already fear that the wash from the giant ships as they pass the edge of the Grand Canal is eroding the fragile canal banks More >


Italy's Cruise Ship Disaster Has Highlighted the Threat the Ships Pose to Venice
The intrusion of these floating Las Vegases in the heart of our city exacerbates More >


What the critics say about "Real Venice"
Comments from Hans Ulrich Obrist and Richard Dorment More >


Italy heritage group appeals to U.N. over Venice
Italy's leading heritage group on Monday urged the United Nations to put Venice on its endangered list, saying mass tourism, environmental neglect and rampant construction were sounding the death knel More >


Venice in Peril Chairman wins new heritage award
The International Institute for Conservation (IIC) has named Anna Somers Cocks, chairman of Venice in Peril and the editorial director of The Art Newspaper, as the first recipient of its Advocate Awar More >


Mega-ads in Venice must go, says new Minister of Culture
The money to pay for restoration work will have to be raised in other ways More >


«Basta maxi affissioni a Venezia»
Galan: metodi alternativi per trovare i fondi necessari alla cultura More >


Galan: «Stop alle maxiaffissioni pubblicitarie a Venezia»
«I turisti non meritano questo spettacolo. Sgarbi? Aspettiamo il nuovo bando. La Fenice? Sì ai fondi ma certi privilegi vanno eliminati. Roma? Non aboliremo il Festival ma il ministero sosterrà il Lid More >


Tourists to contribute to cost of Venice
A new draft law would impose a charge on the 17.5m visitors a year More >


Venice's mayor hits back at 'stupidity' of billboard critics
The mayor of Venice yesterday condemned the "stupidity and incompetence" of prominent international critics More >


Venice mayor hits back at critics who brand advertising on city's sites as 'grotesque'
The mayor of Venice has spoken out against critics More >


Ads of Sighs
The huge ads proliferating in Venice, now also lit up by night, are not bringing in huge money and stretch the application of the law to the point of illegality More >


The house that Muf built
Villa Frankenstein: Britain's contribution to this year's Venice Architecture Biennale More >


Throwing new light on Ruskin's Stones of Venice
Robert Hewison's new book, Ruskin on Venice, tells the story behind his writings. More >


Feather Report: Birdwatching in Venice
Derwent May, The Times

Wonderful yellow-legged gulls lead you into this sublime city on their wooden posts like a grand heraldic reception. More >


Obituary: Michael Mallett, Trustee of Venice in Peril
Stella Fletcher, The Guardian More >


Obituary: The Lady Thorneycroft
The Telegraph More >


Review of Venezia Restaurata and Flooding and Environmental Challenges for Venice & its Lagoon
Burlington Magazine

Over the years numerous articles in this Magazine have referred to the past destruction or alteration of the buildings of Venice and the disappearance or dispersal of More >


Period homes for everyone!
Libby Purves, The Times More >


The Science of Saving Venice
Anna Somer Cocks, ICON: World Monuments Fund Quarterly Magazine More >
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