Heavy Entertainment



Heavy Entertainment offer creative, technical and logistical solutions for audio, video and web production. Their approach is synonymous with common sense in a digital age. Heavy Entertainment produced a recording 'A Christmas Cracker' by John Julius Norwich in association with Hodder and Stoughton Audio Books in 2007. The recording is for sale through this website and most bookshops; a percentage of sales benefits the Fund. On 19 April 2009, Heavy Entertainment recorded a new collection of quirky quotes, literary odds and ends and the occasional song by John Julius that will be available later in the year. Heavy Entertainment offer invaluable media and marketing advice to Venice in Peril for which we are extremely grateful. Most recently, in July 2010 they have produced a short film for our new website, featuring John Julius Norwich describing his passion for Venice. Once again Heavy Entertainment offered their time and skill as a very generous donation.

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