Lazzaretto Nuovo Island

The successful season at the end of summer 2007, thanks to a donation from the Jean-Barthelemy Foundation, preserved a series of inscriptions and decorations dating from 1580 to 1660, covering the plastered walls inside the 'Tezon Grando' (warehouse). They were meticulously documented by Prof. Zarotti and students from the Accademia Belle Arti. Subject to receiving a detailed description of the work that needs to be done, Venice in Peril will continue its funding for the recovery and preservation of the remarkable 'graffiti' on the walls of the Tezon Grande.

Reached nowadays by Vaporetto Line 13 from the Fondamente Nuove, the island was formerly a quarantine station for ships and cargoes arriving from the East. At the fall of the Republic the building was abandoned, being used subsequently by the Austrians as a gunpowder store, but has been restored and now houses the increasing number of archaeological finds from the lagoon.

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