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The Abandoned Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

This dual language edition in Italian and English describes many of the islands which have been abandoned over the centuries. Several of the islands such as Santo Spirito, Sant' Angelo della Polvere and Madonna del Monte, still remain deserted, having been thriving monastries, or military depots in previous years. Others like Lazzaretto Vecchio and Poveglia are under restoration, whilst Lazzaretto Nuovo and Certosa have already been restored.

The book contains many fascinating antique prints, extracts from books about the lagoon over the centuries and recent photographs that illustrate and explain the development and subsequent desolation of the islands.

It is an indispensable read for those with an interest in the Serenissima's interaction with its immediate lagoon territories.

The publishers will be donating 10% of the list price of the books sold in the UK to Venice in Peril and of those sold in Italy ten percent will go to assist in the further restoration of Lazzaretto Nuovo.

It can be ordered from San Marco Press directly from the publishers click here, from Old World Books in the Ghetto in Venice click here or other Venetian and selected UK bookshops.

The price to be is £22.00 with £4.80 postage

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