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Context Travel and The Context Foundation for Sustainable Travel


Context is a network of architects, historians, and art historians who organise walking seminars for intellectually curious travelers. Context currently operates in seven cities around the world including Venice, pairing intellectually adventurous travelers with specialists for in-depth cultural experiences. Context is committed to sustainable tourism and donates part of their profits to the Context Foundation for Sustainable Travel and encourages their clients to donate to the Foundation as part of their travel experience.  It is charity that invests in projects that mitigate the impact of tourism on the seven cities where Context Travel operates.  In 2008 The Context Foundation for Sustainable Travel made a generous donation to Venice in Peril in support of the fund's research work and intends to develop their support of the fund's work.

The Getty Foundation


A generous grant from The Getty Foundation enabled the Fund to publish 'The Science of Saving Venice' by Dr Caroline Fletcher and Jane Da Mosto.

The Leading Travel Companies Conservation Foundation


The Leading Travel Companies Conservation Foundation has announced it will commit US$150,000 in 2008 and a further US$54,000 in 2009 to fund research and restoration in Venice as part of its inaugural sustainable tourism grant program.  The grant has been awarded to Venice in Peril.  Part of this grant will be allocated to the publication of the forthcoming 'Venice Report' being produced in conjunction with Cambridge University.

The restoration project undertaken as a result of this funding is the colossal funeral monument to Antonio Canova, Santa Maria dei Frari. The Leading Travel Companies Conservation Foundation has committed to contributing $US1 million every year to projects around the world based on their ability to foster sustainable tourism, through the conservation and protection of the environment, wildlife and cultural heritage sites. The Leading Travel Companies Conservation Foundation was established in 2008 to make a positive contribution to conservation and sustainability and is supported by Trafalgar Tours, Insight Vacations, Brendan Worldwide Vacations, Contiki Holidays, AAT Kings, Evan Evans, Busabout, Haggis Adventures, Shamrocker Adventures, and Eastern Trekker.

 The Headley Trust


The Headley Trust, one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, generously contributed to the Venice in Peril Fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge.


Bamford Charitable Trust

Charlotte Bonham Carter Charitable Trust

John Cohen Foundation

EC Sosnow Charitable Trust

Evanda Foundation

Foreign and Colonial Trust

Peter Moores Foundation

PDC Trust

Rothschild Foundation

Velay Foundation

Veneziana Fund

D & R Williams Foundation
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