Despatches of Francesco Morosini, Archivio di Stato

Fifteen volumes of Francesco Morosini's campaign Despatches are bound in the distinctive soft parchment and board covers with ties which were used for the Republic's archival documents.

It is thought that they were badly damaged by rainwater at some point in the 19th century and as a consequence became particularly fragile and in danger of falling apart.

To mark the 400th anniversary of the great Venetian commander's birth in 1619, Venice in Peril together with the Austrian Committee (Venedig lebt) and the Swiss Committee (Fondazione Svizzera Pro Venezia) joined forces to fund the conservation of the Despatches safeguarding the future of key documents for Venetian history.

Conservation was carried out in the workshop by the Benedictine nuns at the convent of Rosano near Florence where many of the books damaged in the 1966 flooding of the Arno were salvaged.  In the Spring of 2019, the Morosini volumes were dismembered, the pages washed, the loose pages reinserted, resewed and rebound. New covers and integrations were made where necessary and the new bindings used the same materials and the same technique as the original. The project included the provision of conservation storage boxes. 

The total project cost was €19,000 of which Venice in Peril contributed €9,000.  

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