Church of Sta Maria Del Rosario (Gesuati): restoration in memory of The Lady Thorneycroft

The fine stone relief of the dead Christ supported by two Angels is set in the side wall of the church facing on to campo S. Agnese, above the vault of the cavana (covered mooring) which extended under the Church before the Rio S. Agnese was filled in. It is possible that the relief came from the small church of Gesuati suppressed in 1663 and replaced by the Dominican church of Sta M del Rosario in 1724, designed by Massari. The relief does not appear to be damaged but the surface is blackened and polluted, needing cleaning and consolidation. Carla Thorneycroft regularly worshipped at the Gesuati on her visits to Venice, when she stayed nearby on the Zattere.

The Lady Thorneycroft

The Lady Thorneycroft was a much loved and highly esteemed President of The Venice in Peril Fund. As a pre-eminent member of the Italian community in London, besides being the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Peter Thorneycroft, she readily joined the Committee of The Italian Art and Archives Rescue Fund created by Sir Ashley Clarke in response to the Italian Governments's appeal to the world, through UNESCO, after the disastrous floods of November 1966.

In 1971 the Italian Art and Archives Rescue Fund changed to Venice in Peril and Carla continued to lend her outstanding gift for fund-raising to the cause she held so dear, linked by the memories of early childhood in Venice and the historic connection of her grandfather, one time Director of the State Archives in the city.

Our loving appreciation goes to her family as the work continues to maintain the fabric and life of the city that she remembered so vividly.

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