Madonna dell'Orto

From the first, this Gothic church, situated in an out of the way part of the city, embodied the policy Venice in Peril would adopt of looking after aspects of Venice that might otherwise be neglected. The Madonna dell'Orto, Tintoretto's parish church and a favourite of Ruskin's, has the finext 15th-century church facade in Venice. Funds for the work were raised through the Italian Art and Archives Rescue Fund (IAARF), the antecedent of Venice in Peril. The statue of St Christopher with the Infant Jesus over the main portal was cleaned and restored under the supervision of Kenneth Hempel, the Victoria & Albert Museum expert in stone conservation techniques. The facade was lightly cleaned and the old metal clamps securing the stones replaced. The roofs of the 15th-century side aisles were renewed, a damp-proof course inserted and rotten brickwork replaced up to a height of three metres. The interior paving was protected from rising damp and internal plaster was renewed.

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