Museo Archeologico - REORG bursary

In the context of far-reaching plans to open up the Museo Archeologico, the Trustees of Venice in Peril Fund agreed to fund a one year project to design and implement the re-ordering of the museum&S217;s collections currently in the deposits. Dr Giorgia Bonesso, who helped develop a new methodology called RE-ORG with the backing of ICCROM and UNESCO in 2011, is the recipient of the bursary. At the heart of the Museo Archeologico is one of the oldest public museums in Europe the Statuario Pubblico given to the Republic by the Grimani family between 1523 and 1587. A few years ago Venice in Peril Fund financed three bursaries for study of the acquisition of the collection, its display in Palazzo Grimani and its donation to the Republic. Links between the Museo Archeologico and Palazzo Grimani will be reinforced as part of the reorganisation.

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