Research past projects

Cortese Antiphonal
Project to restore the miniatures in the 'Antiphonary from Advent to Easter Saturday', now in the Archivio Patriarcale di Venezia >

Vast ads in Venice, Venice in Peril appeals to the Italian Minister of Culture
Only 10 years ago, Venice was a city without large advertisements... >

The Venice Report
Venice is at a crossroads: choices could now be decisive, for good or for very bad >

Why the health of the Venice lagoon has serious implications for the city's heritage

Cambridge University and CoRiLa, Venice, 2001-2004
In 2001, Venice in Peril teamed up with Cambridge University Committee for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Churchill College, Cambridge, embarking on a three-year research project directed... >

Palazzo Soranzo van Axel
The research carried out on the Palazzo Soranzo van Axel has been funded by a generous donation from Martin Randall Travel following their 2008 Venice Music Festival. >

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