San Vidal, Altarpiece, 1993-94

Venice in Peril funded the conservation of the painting Guardian Angel with St Anthony of Padua and St Gaetano of Thieneby Giovanni Battista Piazzetta that is part of a group of altarpieces commissioned for the Church of San Vidal.

The painting was affected by scorch marks from altar candles, had darkened and yellowed varnish, widespread cracquelure, a sagging canvas in a broken frame and loss of surface paint. The surface was consolidated, the canvas removed from its frame, relined and restretched on a new frame. Finally, old varnish and crude over-painting were removed, and the work was retouched and revarnished.

The restoration was made possible by a generous donation from the Charlotte Bonham Carter Charitable Trust, and was completed in time for the painting's inclusion in the 'Glory of Venice' exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, in 1994.

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