Vasari panel painting - Faith

The reconstruction of a ceiling showing the Triumph of the Virtues and consisting of nine panels painted by Giorgio Vasari,1541-2, for the Palazzo Corner Spinelli on the Grand Canal, has been a long held objective of the Accademia Galleries.  Art historians had been trying to locate the panels after they were dispersed in the 19th century. The ceiling represents a key moment when Mannerism, with its origins in central Italy, arrived in Venice.  Its influence on artists working in the city will be fully explored when the reunited panels go on display.  

In 2013 Venice in Peril Fund joined the efforts to purchase the panel showing the figure of Faith from the collection of Lord Kennet of Avon with a contribution of  €30,000 to the total cost.  The Italian government was a majority funder with other organisations also contributing.

The painting has been returned to Venice and conserved by restorers currently working on its sister paintings. The other panels show Justice and Patience around the central painting of Charity with three of the four putti corner panels.

The final missing panel showing Hope came up for sale in London in 2016.  A campaign to raise funds for its purchase was successfully concluded in April 2017 with Venice in Peril Fund contributing £50,000. Again the Italian government were the major funders and Venetian Heritage also contributed £50,000.

The ceiling represents a key moment when the influence of Mannerism, with its origins in central Italy, began to be felt on Venetian painting. At a later date, it was dismembered and dispersed throughout European collections.

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