About us

Restoration: the past

For over 40 years, the Venice in Peril Fund has disbursed millions of pounds for the restoration of Venetian monuments, buildings and works of art.

Read about our projects by clicking here.

Research: The future

Venice is a city facing a range of threats. Sound information is vital if there is to be worthwhile long-term planning for the city in all areas important to its survival: protection from the waters; reduction of pollution emanating from the territories around the lagoon; tourism management and transport; finance; change of use of buildings; demographics and employment.

Venice in Peril finances essential studies and publications into such issues. We cannot lobby effectively for Venice without better information.


The Venice in Peril Fund is considered a reliable source by the media when researching their articles or programmes on the city, especially where environmental issues are involved.


From its creation in 1966, the Fund has always given maximum support to the research and training institutes belonging to the State and other bodies in Venice.


Venice in Peril Fund organises a wide range of events throughout the year. Lectures, debates, conferences, gala evenings, concerts and receptions all educate, inspire and raise money for the vital work of the Fund. Read about our forthcoming events here. 
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