In Progress

50th Anniversary Appeal

Venice in Peril Fund celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2021. It was founded in 1971, following on from the work of the Italian Art and Archives Rescue Fund that had initially been set up after the 1966 floods which ravaged both Florence and Venice.

Iconostasis, Cathedral of Torcello

The iconostasis – a screen with icons between sanctuary and nave – is richly expressive of Veneto-Byzantine tradition. The stonework dates to 1100 and the paintings to the early 15C.

Church of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli

The rare surviving Veneto-Byzantine church of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli with its richly ornate interior, has been associated with Venice in Peril since 1972. After damaging flooding in 2019, a further project of flood defence is being funded by the Acqua Alta 2019 Appeal.