Venice in Peril

Museum Collection

Celestial globe, Vincenzo Coronelli, 1693

A celestial globe made by the Venetian cosmographer Vincenzo Coronelli modelled on those he built for Louis XIV, built in Venice with engravings by Jean-Baptiste Nolin, 1693.

Renaissance Maiolica at the Museo Correr

Specialist conservation was needed for for eighteen pieces of the Renaissance Maiolica collection in the Museo Corner – display objects which would have been arranged on buffets in private palaces

Sketchbooks of Ippolito Caffi, Museo Correr

Twenty sketchbooks by Ippolito Caffi illustrating memorable scenes of his travels are being conserved and will return to permanent display at the Correr Museum later in 2019.

Accademia Galleries, the Palladio Wing Rooms

In support of the major state-funded reorganisation of the Accademia Galleries, a project to fund the opening up of the Palladio Wing 7 ground floor rooms displaying the work of Canova and his contemporaries.