Iconostasis, Cathedral of Torcello

The iconostasis – a screen with icons between sanctuary and nave – is richly expressive of Veneto-Byzantine tradition. The stonework dates to 1100 and the paintings to the early 15C.

Cappella Zen, Basilica San Marco

Cleaning and consolidation of three Byzantine reliefs and a Renaissance holy water stoup, in Cappella Zen, adjoining the narthex of Basilica of San Marco

Stone sculpture of a Winged Figure with Elephant

In the third courtyard of the Procuratie Nuove, Piazza San Marco, facing a staircase leading to the apartments of the ex-Palazzo Reale, an allegorical stone sculpture of a winged female figure with a small elephant can be seen.

Cappella Emiliani, Church of San Michele

Spectacularly sited but vulnerable 16th-century chapel on the cemetery island of San Michele involved the overhaul of 19th-century restorations and was a long and difficult project which took place between 2001-06.