City & Guilds of London Art School, San Giorgio Maggiore Internship Bursary

About the project

This annual award to BA Conservation Graduates from the City & Guilds of London Art School provides a living expenses bursary for the three months of an Internship at San Giorgio.

Set up as a partnership between the Benedictine Abbey community of San Giorgio Maggiore, the City & Guilds of London Art School and Venice in Peril Fund, the internship provides on the job experience of conservation maintenance and an opportunity to explore Venice and the wide range of conservation work that is always in progress in the city.

Projects at San Giorgio have ranged from conservation and cleaning of stone inlays on the steps of a side altar, to conservation of a 14th century funerary sculpture of Capitano Pietro Civran. The purchase of a modular scaffolding tower in 2014 extended the range of projects that can be carried out. 

The Internship was established in 2009 and the Bursary is funded by Venice in Peril Fund trustee Marina Morrisson Atwater.



Project location

In brief

  • In 2019 Jonida Mecani and Miyuki Kajiwara’s project involved high level dry cleaning of the sculptures on the inside West End wall to remove frass and dust.  They also continued important work of previous interns monitoring the condition of the church interior.
  • City & Guilds also organises a Venice visit for its 2nd year students each November to look at conservation practice in the city with visits facilitated by Venice in Peril. In 2019 the students saw at first hand the extreme flooding and storms that overwhelmed the city.
  • For more information on the City and Guilds of London Art School and its conservation courses

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