Supporting exhibitions that extend our understanding of Venice's contribution to world culture

Aldo Manuzio, Accademia Galleries, 2016
Printing R-Evolution, Museo Correr, 2018-19
Canova, Hayez, Cicognara - L'ultima gloria di Venezia, Accademia Galleries, 2017-18

About exhibition support

In recent years Venice in Peril Fund has supported exhibitions that share the extraordinary stories of Venice as a place of innovation and creativity. Exhibitions can help to explain the complex history of the city and extend our understanding of those significant moments which had an influence on artistic, political, entrepreneurial and industrial developments far beyond the Veneto.

Support of exhibitions began with the funding of conservation of individual paintings in preparation for major exhibitions. See the conservation of GB Piazzetta’s Guardian Angel with St Anthony of Padua and St Gaetano of Thiene, conserved for the Royal Academy’s Genius of Venice exhibition in 1994 and that of Veronese’s San Pantalon conserved for the Royal Academy’s Glory of Venice exhibition in 1982.

Sometimes a conservation project is linked with an exhibition. This was the case with the 2019 project to commission condition surveys, with photogrammetric and laser scans, of Tintoretto’s ceiling of the great hall at Scuola Grande di San Rocco, ahead of a planned project of conservation which, like the exhibitions, was initiated as part of the celebrations to mark 500 years since the artist’s birth in 1519.

Since 2013 Venice in Peril Fund has supported the exhibitions listed here. For further details refer to the museums.

Project location

Exhibitions in brief

  • ‘Aldo Manuzio’, 2016, Accademia Galleries, innovative printer and publisher whose influence is still felt today
  • ‘Canova, Cicognara, Hayez: l’ultima gloria di Venezia’, 2017-18, Accademia Galleries –  the founding of the Accademia Galleries in 1818, after the fall of the Venetian Republic, was a moment of renewal for Venetian art
  • ‘Printing R-Evolution’, 2018-2019, Museo Correr – Venice as a centre of entrepreneurial and intellectual activity: the 15C Booktrade Project
  • ‘Il Giovane Tintoretto’, 2019, Accademia Galleries – the formation of the young Tintoretto showed the range of artistic influences on his work. One of two exhibitions marking the 500th anniversary of his birth, the other exhibition was held in the Palazzo Ducale and many of his canvases were conserved by SAVE Venice for the two shows.