Venice in Peril

‘Vincenzo Coronelli and his Venetian Globes’


Marica Milanesi in conversation with Susan Steer

Event date and time: 24 January 2023, 4.30pm UK time (online event – PLEASE NOTE EARLIER TIME THAN PUBLISHED IN WINTER 2022 NEWSLETTER)

Tickets: £10 (Ticket & registration details are sent out via the VIP e-newsletter)

Venice in Peril has recently adopted a 1693 celestial globe designed by the Franciscan friar Vincenzo Coronelli who made his name building two huge globes for Louis XIV. Marica Milanesi, professor of the history of geography at Pavia and author of an acclaimed monograph on Coronelli, will introduce us to the cosmographer and entrepreneur and explain how and why the globe is being restored in the Florentine studio of Lucia and Andrea Dori.



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