Polychrome wooden crucifix, c.1458 in the Abbey church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Reproduced by kind permission of the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

About the project

This polychrome wooden figure of Christ on the cross is thought to date from around 1458 and to have been carved by a master craftsman from the South Tyrol region, about 150 km northwest of Venice.

Its conservation was funded in 1980 by the Velay family, through their Fondation Jean-Barthélemy. Monique and Gérard Velay lived part of each year in Venice and their son Philippe has continued their legacy with a series of projects focused on architectural art. The latest of these is the doorway of the Winter Refectory in the formerly Franciscan complex now occupied by the Archivio di Stato.

The work was carried out by Max Leuthenmayr and Benito Ghezzo.

Other projects funded by the Jean-Barthélemy Fondation include: the San Fantin Crucifix in 2001, the 13th century side portico of the Carmini church with its roundels of animals and birds, and a doorway in the Archivio di Stato with a lintel of Istrian stone Veneto-Byzantine carving with flying angels flanking a blessing Christ. 






Project location

In brief

  • This wooden crucifix hangs above the second altar in the right hand nave of the basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore.
  • It measures two metres in height and is almost two metres wide.
  • The images are reproduced here by kind permission of the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore. For more information on the Abbey of San Giorgio 
  • See also the City and Guilds of London Art School San Giorgio Bursary 

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