Side doorway and Byzantine stonecarvings, the 'Protiro' of the church of the Carmini

12th century Byzantine Patera from the side of the porch
12th century Byzantine Patera from the side of the porch

About the project

Following a Byzantine model, this porch and doorway with reliefs, known as a  ‘Protiro’, was in a poor state when the Fondation Jean Barthelemy offered to fund its conservation.

The project included renewal of the canopy roof, lead flashings, work to the brick vaulting and cleaning of the 12th century Byzantine sculptural reliefs – known as paterae. They show, in the gable of the portico, two peacocks drinking from the Fountain of Life and on the sides, roundels containing predatory animals and birds. The relief of the Madonna and Child above the doorway into the 14th century church, was also cleaned as part of the project.

Project location

In Brief

  • This project was  completed in 2005 
  • In 2001 Venice in Peril contributed to the Sebastiano Ricci ceiling paintings in the vault above altar of the Scuola dei Carmini
  • In 1998, Venice in Peril partnered with the Scuola dei Carmini to fund conservation of two 17th century statues showing Humility and Virginity, either side of the Altar of the Scuola dei Carmini, in 1998

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