San Pietro - late 13th century exterior marble relief in Campo San Trovaso

About the project

The variety and quantity of stone reliefs set into buildings all over Venice are one of the special delights of walking through the city.

Alberto Rizzi’s, Scultura Esterna a Venezia republished in 2014 is a hefty gazetteer that includes a late 13th century relief in Greek marble set in a niche in Campo San Trovaso, Dorsoduro, showing St Peter in toga with his keys and scroll.

The relief has suffered from the effects of atmospheric pollution, while oxydisation of the iron grating has stained the marble and from the waist down there is surface spalling. It is in urgent need of conservation.

A decision on whether to return it to its niche after conservation or install it in the former sacristy of the church, where it will be protected and accessible, can only be taken after the relief has been removed for treatment. If it needs to be removed, a full-size replica will be made to take its place, using the latest 3D scanning and printing technology.

The cost of cleaning and conservation treatment of the relief and making and installing the copy amounts to €20,000. The project is a memorial to Peter Boizot MBE the renowned founder of PizzaExpress whose initiative to donate a proportion of every Veneziana pizza sold in his restaurants, to Venice in Peril, has raised over £2 million for conservation in Venice. Peter died in 2018 and we are raising the funds for this project in his memory.

You can donate via the website and email us at to let us know that this is what you would like it to be used for.

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In brief

  • A late 13th century Greek marble relief showing Saint Peter with toga and scroll.
  • It is one of many exterior sculptural reliefs set into niches and walls of buildings all over the city.
  • It has suffered staining from the iron grating and from the waist down the marble detailing is crumbling away.
  • The relief will be removed and treated.
  • The work will cost €20,000 and may involve moving it to a covered site for safekeeping.  A replica would be inserted in the niche.
  • This project is being undertaken in memory of Peter Boizot, founder of the UK pizza restaurant chain Pizza Express. 
  • You can donate to this project online

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