Venice in Peril

Venice in Peril Fund CIO is looking to recruit a new Chair to its board of trustees

1 March 2022  Venice in Peril Fund CIO is in the process of recruiting a new Chair to its board of trustees. An announcement will be made shortly

Who we are
Venice in Peril Fund was established in 1971 as the successor charity of the Art & Archives Rescue Fund (1967 – 1971), in response to the great floods in Venice and Florence in 1966. The charity raises funds for the conservation of monuments, works of art and buildings across Venice and its islands. It works to support and safeguard Venice as a centre of cultural importance, through its funding of  heritage conservation projects. By sharing its work it promotes a deeper public understanding of Venice as a living city.
Over the last 50 years, Venice in Peril Fund has undertaken over 75 projects, including the restoration of churches, conservation of works of art and museum objects, funding training bursaries and research initiatives, in Venice and the Venetian lagoon. It has also acted as a powerful advocate for Venice and the many challenges it faces at a time of climate and demographic change and overdependence on tourism.
Venice in Peril Fund is run from an office in London by two part-time Joint CEOs who work closely with the board whose members are resident in Italy and England.

For further information please contact us at the above email address or by telephone at +44 207 736 6891