Venice in Peril


Iconostasis, Cathedral of Torcello

The iconostasis – a screen with icons between sanctuary and nave – is richly expressive of Veneto-Byzantine tradition. The stonework dates to 1100 and the paintings to the early 15C.

Sketchbooks of Ippolito Caffi, Museo Correr

Twenty sketchbooks by Ippolito Caffi illustrating memorable scenes of his travels are being conserved and will return to permanent display at the Correr Museum later in 2019.

Altar of the Scuola dei Carmini, church of the Carmini

Two 17th century statues flanking the altar of the Scuola dei Carmini were conserved in 1998, whilst the confraternity itself restored the altar. In 2001 Venice in Peril joined with the Italian government to fund the restoration of the altar’s ceiling fresco by Sebastiano Ricci.