To repair the two south windows framing the organ, St George's church

About the project

St George’s church has been serving the Anglican community of residents and visitors in Venice since its conversion from a glass warehouse and its dedication as a church in 1892.

St George’s is not only a church for Anglican services but also a focal point for the English speaking community in Venice.

Venice in Peril has had a long and good relationship with St George’s.  It has been a major supporter, both financially and advisory, over many years with close personal links. In 2008 VIP contributed to the restoration of the distinctive stained glass windows and in 2014 VIP financed the conservation of the First World War memorial bronze doors

In 2021 the conservation in particular of the two south windows is a unique project – although part of a larger restoration of the church .  They were badly damaged in the November 2019 floods and storms and considered by ViP to be in urgent need of repair  The windows are historic, dating back to the original conversion of the building. at the end of the 19th century.  They provide an elegant framing for the historic Mascioni organ and have a symbolic significance, illuminating the church.

From a practical point of view repair is critical as two glass have already fallen out of the right window, the lead needs replacing, the wood is swollen and the windows open and close with difficult

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In brief

  • In 2008 the Fund contributed to the restoration of seven stained glass windows made by the Whitefriars Glass Company.  These represent distinguished members of the British Community including Robert Browning and John Ruskin.  Six of the windows were installed betwen 1904 and WW1. The seventh, a memorial to the historian Horatio Brown was installed after his death in 1926.
  • In 2014 Venice in Peril helped to fund the conservation of the  First World War memorial bronze doors of St George’s.
  • The windows were restored using the Veneto company Vetroarredamento, which has worked on many other heritage conservation projects.

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