Altar of the Scuola dei Carmini, in the church of the Carmini - sculptures and Sebastiano Ricci ceiling painting


About the project

In 1998 Venice in Peril undertook a joint project with the nearby Scuola (confraternity) of the Carmini. Venice in Peril restored two large marble statues, both dating to around 1723, one representing Virginity, on the left, by Antonio Corradini, (1688-1752), the other, Humility by Giuseppe Torretto (1661-1743), while the Scuola restored the altar that they adorn. The detail of the two statues was slowly being destroyed by the migration of salt-laden damp. Before treatment the unstable surface was consolidated. Salts were removed by repeated applications of sepiolite poultices, and damp-proof lead sheeting was inserted under the statues to help prevent further damage.

Later, in 2001, in partnership with the Italian State, Venice in Peril funded the conservation of the fresco by Sebastiano Ricci (1659-1734) in the ceiling vault above the restored altar and statues. Consolidation and cleaning of the blackened surface restored extraordinary luminosity to the swirling scene of cloud-borne Angels in Glory against a gilded background. During the work a frescoed upper chamber, designed to provide an extra depth of perspective, was discovered and re-opened (its existence had previously been obscured by a blackened pane of glass in the centre of the main vault).

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