Venice in Peril


Altar of the Scuola dei Carmini, church of the Carmini

Two 17th century statues flanking the altar of the Scuola dei Carmini were conserved in 1998, whilst the confraternity itself restored the altar. In 2001 Venice in Peril joined with the Italian government to fund the restoration of the altar’s ceiling fresco by Sebastiano Ricci.

Church of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli

The rare surviving Veneto-Byzantine church of San Nicolo dei Mendicoli with its richly ornate interior, has been associated with Venice in Peril since 1972. After damaging flooding in 2019, a further project of flood defence is being funded by the Acqua Alta 2019 Appeal.

Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione

A small Renaissance church on the Zattere where VIP conserved the coffered painted ceiling containing 58 roundels with patriarchs, prophets and martyrs. The Magistrato alle Acque paid for the roof repairs and the Australian Committee for fresco conservation and the Pentecost altarpiece.

San Pantalon Altarpiece, Paolo Veronese

Painted in 1587, for the main altar of the original 13th century church of San Pantalon and thought to be Veronese’s last work, it shows the saint healing a boy.