Venice in Peril

San Marco

Sketchbooks of Ippolito Caffi, Museo Correr

Twenty sketchbooks by Ippolito Caffi illustrating memorable scenes of his travels are being conserved and will return to permanent display at the Correr Museum later in 2019.

Cappella Zen, Basilica San Marco

Cleaning and consolidation of three Byzantine reliefs and a Renaissance holy water stoup, in Cappella Zen, adjoining the narthex of Basilica of San Marco

Stone sculpture of a Winged Figure with Elephant

In the third courtyard of the Procuratie Nuove, Piazza San Marco, facing a staircase leading to the apartments of the ex-Palazzo Reale, an allegorical stone sculpture of a winged female figure with a small elephant can be seen.

Facade and interior, San Zulian

Between 1989-1996, projects in the church of San Zulian, included conservation of the facade, the high altar, the organ and the chapel of the Holy Sacrament with Girolamo Campagna’s Pieta

Capitals from the loggia of the Palazzo Ducale

Stonework conservation of the finely carved 14th and 15th century capitals from the colonnade of the Palazzo Ducale facing the lagoon and the piazza. Much admired by Ruskin. Now in the Museo dell’Opera.

Loggetta, Piazza San Marco

The Loggetta in Piazza San Marco, built by Jacopo Sansovino in 1537, was crushed when the Campanile collapsed in 1902. It was rebuilt and later Venice in Peril Fund undertook conservation in 1972-1974.