Venice in Peril

For over 40 years, the Venice in Peril Fund has disbursed millions of pounds for the restoration of Venetian monuments, buildings and works of art.


Acqua Alta 2019 Appeal

Launched after the disastrous series of Acque Alte in November 2019. By March 2020, supporters of Venice in Peril Fund had helped us raise more than £150,000 towards three new projects.

Exhibition Support

Over the years Venice in Peril Fund has supported exhibitions that illustrate key moments in the history of Venice and extend our understanding of the city as a place of innovation and creativity with a world wide influence.

The Campaign Despatches of Francesco Morosini 1619-1699, Archivio di Stato

Conservation of fifteen bound volumes of the campaign dispatches of one of Venice’s great commanders, Francesco Morosini, marking the 400th anniversiry of his birth.

Canton Synagogue – repair and restoration of windows, shutters and terrazzo floor

Two projects repairing windows and shutters and the traditional terrazzo floor of the Sukkah in the Canton Scuola, home to the Jewish Museum, in the oldest Ghetto in the world.

Manuscripts from the church of Sant’Angelo Raffaele

A Kyriale without hard covers and badly compacted parchment folios underwent a novel treatment, while the binding, pigments and ink burns of a Graduale were consolidated in 2018-2019.

The GeM Award – a bespoke programme in the UK for graduates from the IUAV Conservation Master’s Programme

The annual GeM Award funds a three month programme to attend accredited conservation courses and shadow conservation practitioners in the UK.

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