50th Anniversary of Venice in Peril Fund

Venice in Peril Fund's 50th Anniversary

This year – 2021 – is Venice in Peril’s 50th anniversary.

The CoVid pandemic has necessarily put our original programme back, but we have launched a 50th Anniversary Appeal which we urge you to contribute to.

Despite the pandemic, we have never had so many conservation projects in progress across the city at once. These include Canova’s monument in the Frari church, an altarpiece by the Bellini workshop, the iconostasis from Torcello’s cathedral and work on Venice in Peril’s three flood projects, flood defences at San Nicolo dei Mendicoli, the Palladian designed Tablino in the Accademia Galleries and St George’s Church windows.

Spending on these projects make it more necessary than ever to raise funds for future work.

Our online events will continue but we hope to be able to have live celebration events later in the year.

To mark the 50th Anniversary a short film about our conservation work is being made and will soon be released.  

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If you have specific questions about any aspect of Venice in Peril Fund’s work, would like to make planned or larger donations to Venice in Peril or raise funds from your own events, please contact info@veniceinperil.org

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In brief

  • Since it was founded in 1971 Venice in Peril has funded over 70 projects
  • Projects range from whole churches to single sculptures, from series of paintings or frescoes to illuminated manuscripts
  • Please visit the indivdual Project pages for in-depth  information 
  • In support of its conservation work, Venice in Peril Fund also promotes a deeper understanding of Venice, its complex history, the contribution it has made to world culture and the challenges it faces today, so as to encourage responsible and informed engagement with the city
  • See our online events here