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Proposal: Restore the memorial to the Infamy of Bajamonte Tiepolo
Venice in Peril was delighted to be associated with the proposal to restore the memorial to the Infamy of Bajamonte Tiepolo >

Canova Monument
This monument can be found in the Santa Maria dei Frari, a Franciscan church in Venice originally built in the mid-13th century but rebuilt in Gothic style in the 15th century. >

Cappella Zen
A project to clean and conserve three reliefs in the Cappella Zen >

Armstrong Mitchell Crane
A masterpiece of British engineering in the most historic dockyard in the world >

Cortese Antiphonal
Project to restore the miniatures in the 'Antiphonary from Advent to Easter Saturday', now in the Archivio Patriarcale di Venezia >

Teatro La Fenice, musical instruments: bequest from Mrs Dorothy Hare
As a result of a generous bequest from the estate of Mrs Dorothy Hare, the Fund has been able to purchase several baroque instruments needed by the or >

Calle delle Beccarie, San Giobbe, Restoration of a Vernacular House
The Venice in Peril Fund and Municipality of Venice. A restoration for Venetians: the San Giobbe House, fit for modern living but with all >

The Venice in Peril Fund, during the summer of 2008, acquired a manuscript, rather unusually, but illustrating the interest of the Fund in the conserv >

Lazzaretto Nuovo Island
The Lazzaretto Nuovo in the northern lagoon is one of two quarantine islands, the other being the Lazzaretto Vecchio close to the Lido. >

Madonna dell'Orto
From the first, this Gothic church, situated in an out of the way part of the city, embodied the policy Venice in Peril would adopt of looking after a >

San Zaccaria
Church of San Zaccaria, Chapel of San Atanasio, altarpiece (oil on wood) Madonna and Child with Saints. The large altarpiece depicting the >

La Fenice, Chandelier, Frescoes and Sculpture
La Fenice, Chandelier, Frescoes and Sculpture, 2003. On 29 January 1996 the opera house was devastated by fire and funds poured in fro >

San Nicolo dei Mendicoli, 1972-80
San Nicolo dei Mendicoli is another church on the outskirts of Venice. Professor Francesco Valcanover, the Superintendent of Galleries in Venice, poin >

Piazza San Marco, Loggetta of the Campanile, 1972-74
Piazza San Marco, Loggetta of the Campanile, 1972-74 This project was adopted because Venice in Peril has a particular interest in stone conservation. >

Palazzo Ducale, Porta della Carta, 1976-79
1976-79 The choice of this project, opposite the Loggetta, was a continuation of the Fund's interest in stone. The contract for this gate, the princ >

Basilica of SS Giovanni e Paolo, Stained Glass, 1977-83, Painting, 1984-85
Several of the private committees financed repairs at the great medieval church of the Dominicans, founded in 1246. Venice in Peril has undertook the >

Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, Torcello
Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, Torcello, Mosaics, 1977-85 and 2002 A specially formed International Torcello Committee chaired by Sir Ashley Clarke >

Gallery of the Querini Stampalia Foundation
Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Fourteen Paintings,. 1978 The Fondazione Querini Stampalia provides Venice with an important public library, the Queri >

Church of Santa Maria Mater Domini
This building had been closed in the 1970s, mainly due to rainwater leakage. Venice in Peril came to the rescue because the monument is in a less freq >

Gallerie dell'Accademia, Organ Doors, 1982
Gallerie dell'Accademia, Organ Doors, 1982 These doors consist of four large shutters painted by Sebastiano del Piombo (1485-1547) in 1507-1509, origi >

Oratory of the Crociferi
Oratorio dei Crociferi, 1982-84 This oratory of the Cross-bearers is owned by the Instituzioni di Ricovero e di Educazione (IRE), a charitable welfa >

Church of San Pantalon
San Pantalon, Altarpiece, 1982-83 This altarpiece was originally for the main altar and is now found in a side chapel. Thought to be Paolo Veronese' >

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore, Crucifix, 1984 San Giorgio Maggiore's polychrome wooden crucifix is probably the one given in 1468 to the earlier church that >

Church of San Trovaso
San Trovaso, 1987 Venice in Peril chose to support this project in keeping with its mission to help conserve lesser known buildings. San Trovaso is >

Sala della Musica at the Ospedaletto
Sala della Musica at the Ospedaletto (Santa Maria dei Derelitti), 1987-91Twelve international committees collaborated with IRE for the >

Church of San Giuliano (Zulian)
San Giuliano (Zulian), Facade, Chapel of the Holy Sacrament, High Altar, Organ, 1989-96The restoration work in San Zulian was made poss >

Church of San Martino
San Martino, Altar, 1991-92 This fine Renaissance altar, made in 1484, was moved to San Martino when the Church of San Sepolcro was suppressed by the >

Oraterio of San Filippo Neri, 1991-96
This Oratorio is a free-standing historic building with two floors. The upper part is a large hall that had once been used for parish functions and yo >

Santa Maria della Visitazione
Santa Maria della Visitazione, ceiling and cupola paintings (1993-94)Restoration of the painted and gilded ceiling of this Renaissance c >

Palazzo Soranzo van Axel
The research carried out on the Palazzo Soranzo van Axel has been funded by a generous donation from Martin Randall Travel following their 2008 Venice Music Festival. >

Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Equestrian Statue, 1993-94 Within the basilica is the earliest freestanding equestrian sculpture in Ven >

San Vidal, Altarpiece, 1993-94
Venice in Peril funded the conservation of the painting Guardian Angel with St Anthony of Padua and St Gaetano of Thieneby Giovanni Battista Piazzetta >

Palazzo Ducale, Capitals
Following the success with the Porta della Carta, the director of the Palazzo Ducale approached Venice in Peril for help with the 14th- and 15th-centu >

Church of San Francesco della Vigna
Facade, 1994-95 Venice in Peril's funding enabled the church, which had installed the scaffolding in preparation for restoration, to complete the work >

Lido Cemetery, Gravestones, 1995-96
While the move to restore the gravestones was instigated by residents on the Lido, Venice in Peril was also very willing to look after British heritag >

Santa Maria Formosa, Facades, 1995-96
Santa Maria Formosa had been given a new roof in 1976, but the outer walls were disfigured by black incrustations. This is one of the earliest of eigh >

Fondamenta dei Mori, Statue, 1996
The restoration of one of four turbaned figures set in and around the Campo dei Mori was undertaken as a gesture of affection for, and to honour the m >

Eremite, Altars and Paintings, 1996-2002
The Church of the Eremite is a tiny 17th-century building that had suffered severely from damp. Venice in Peril met the cost of stabilising and consol >

San Francesco della Vigna, Capella Grimani
The Grimani chapel of 1537 (the first in the left isle), and its altarpiece, probably by Battista Franco, were restored by the Private Committees for >

Santa Maria del Carmelo (Carmini)
Two Statues, 1998 Venice in Peril undertook this project jointly with the nearby Scuola (confraternity) of the Carmini. >

Jewish Cemetery, 1999
Three and a half centuries of neglect were finally reversed with the completion of the comprehensive restoration of the Ancient Jewish Cemetery on the >

San Michele in Isola, Cappella Emiliana, 1999-2006
Given the exposed position of this chapel attached to the church of San Michele on the north-west corner of the cemetery island, the undermining of it >

San Rocco
San Rocco, Portal and Rose window, 2000-2001 Martin Randall Travel generously funded this project through their highly successful music festivals he >

Angelo Raffaele, Wayside Altar and Baldacchino, 2002-05
The parish of Angelo Raffaele is joined with that of San Nicolò dei Mendicoli, one of Venice in Peril's major projects in the 1970s. >

San Fantin, Crucifix, 2002
Thanks to the renewed generosity of the Fondation Jean-Barthélémy, Venice in Peril funded the restoration of an important 15th-century Tuscan polychro >

Santa Maria di Nazareth (Scalzi), Organ, 2002
Following a generous donation from Martin Randall Travel after their Music Festival in Venice in 2000, Venice in Peril was able to assist with financi >

Rio Tera Barba Frutariol, Wayside Sculpture, 2002-04
This important piece of urban decorative art had been neglected to the point where it had been almost completely lost. Other sponsors had offered fund >

Cemetery of San Michele, Survey of Protestant Section, 2002-04
Venice in Peril partly helped fund this joint project, instigated by the Danish Committee and including the Swiss and Austrian Committees. The Protest >

Ca'Pesaro, Oriental Museum, 18th-Century Chinese Screen, 2006
Coromandel screen depicting scenes of hunting on horseback, in black lacquer on wood with decorative work in gold and silver dust and inlaid mother-of >

Palazzo Grimani
Hidden at the end of a narrow calle off the Ruga Giuffa, just before it leads into Campo Sta Maria Formosa, this wonderful Renaissance palazzo, in whi >

Historic Stained-Glass Windows, St George's Anglican Church, Campo S.Vio
In May 2008, the Fund approved a grant to the 400th Anniversary Appeal of St. George's Anglican Church, to contribute the cost of restoration of the s >

Church of Sta Maria Del Rosario (Gesuati): restoration in memory of The Lady Thorneycroft
The fine stone relief of the dead Christ supported by two Angels is set in the side wall of the church facing on to campo S. Agnese, above the vault o >

The City & Guilds of London Art School - The Venice in Peril Internship
This initiative was established in 2010. >

Cambridge University and CoRiLa, Venice, 2001-2004
In 2001, Venice in Peril teamed up with Cambridge University Committee for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies and Churchill College, Cambridge, embarking on a three-year research project directed... >

Why the health of the Venice lagoon has serious implications for the city's heritage

The biennial ICCROM-UNESCO Intertnational Stone Conservation Course >

Canova Rezzonico Lions
Canova's lions were models for the tomb of Pope Clement XIII >

The Venice Report
Venice is at a crossroads: choices could now be decisive, for good or for very bad >

Lorenzo Lotto, Saint Antonino Altarpiece, Basilica of San Giovanni e Paolo
Venice in Peril funded restoration of this superb picture in 1984 with help from the Fondation Jean Barthélemy. >

Real Venice >

Vast ads in Venice, Venice in Peril appeals to the Italian Minister of Culture
Only 10 years ago, Venice was a city without large advertisements... >

The Science of Saving Venice
What the scientists really think about Venice and its flooding problem >

Canova's Bozzetti
Venice in Peril has financed the conservation of three bozzetti (preparatory clay models by Canova) in the Accademia in Venice. They are a suitable prelude to the Fund's much greater project, which i... >

State Archives: monumental gateway
The State Archives occupy much of what previously formed the Franciscan monastery of the Frari >

test >

Restoration of Canova's Rezzonico Lions
Canova's Rezzonico Lions are now ready to be placed in the new Canova room in the Accademia having been restored. >

Winged Figure with Elephant
Conservation completed December 2014 - see Summer 2015 Newsletter >

World War 1 Memorial Bronze Doors, St George's Anglican Church
On the anniversary of Italy entering the First World War in May 2015, St George's Church in Campo S. Vio, Dorsoduro opened an appeal for €17,000 for the conservation of the memorial bronze doors. The ... >

Cattedra Cicognara: Furniture Conservation Appeal
€25,000 has now been raised for the urgently needed conservation of two pieces of Venetian furniture in the Accademia. >

Accademia Galleries - Palladio Wing Rooms
A joint project with Venice International Foundation to finance the final fit out and hang of Rooms 7-13 in the Palladio Wing of the Accademia Galleries due to open to the public on 30 January 2016 >

Manuscript Choir Books - Basilica of San Marco
Seven manuscripts of sacred choral music from the 17th-18th centuries including works by Lotti, Biffi, Monferrato >

Museo Archeologico - REORG bursary
In support of a major strategy to open up the museum >

Kyriale from S. Angelo Raffaele, two other manuscripts and 2 illuminated initials
A compacted parchment manuscript of Gregorian chant settings is rescued using innovative methods >

Vasari panel painting - Faith
Venice in Peril Fund contributes to the purchase of Vasari panel (2013) >

Canova Hayez Cicognara - Supporting the Bicentenary of the Accademia Galleries
Extending understanding of a key moment in Venice's cultural history. >

Sala Capitolare, Scuola Grande di S. Rocco
Preliminary cleaning and consolidation tests ahead of major conservation project >

Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista
Urgent works at the Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista >

Sketchbooks of Ippolito Caffi
Twenty sketchbooks containing watercolours, pen and wash drawings and pencil sketches by Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866) artist and political activist who joined the Italian Navy and died at sea during the... >

Renaissance Maiolica at the Museo Correr
Eighteen pieces of Renaissance Maiolica underwent conservation in 2018 >

Despatches of Francesco Morosini, Archivio di Stato
The fifteen volumes of despatches of Francesco Morosini 1619-1694 were in need of conservation and had been unavailable for consultation for some time. >

Torcello Cathedral, Iconostasis
Work began in May 2019 following the successful appeal to raise £100,000 >

Eighteenth century marionettes
A group of twenty marionettes from the Casa Goldoni Museum >

Nativity Triptych - Bellini Workshop
An appeal for £55,000 launched July 2019 >

Eighteenth century Venetian marionettes at Casa Goldoni
A group of 20 Venetian marionettes from the Museo di Casa Goldoni >

Acqua Alta November 2019
In the wake of worst high tides and flooding since 1966 Venice in Peril launches an appeal for donations to fund immediate damages to the world-famous monuments and also to support the longer term con... >

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